Electric Golf Caddy

Electric Golf Caddy premium selection available at Big Horn Golfer. We have spent hours picking out the following collections of electric golf caddies to make sure it's convenient for you to choose from the best options in one place.  Overview... Read more

Electric Golf Caddy premium selection available at Big Horn Golfer. We have spent hours picking out the following collections of electric golf caddies to make sure it's convenient for you to choose from the best options in one place. 

Overview of Electric Golf Caddy

An electric golf caddy, also known as a motorized golf caddy or an electric golf bag, is a powered golf cart designed to carry your golf clubs and gear around the course. These innovative golf caddies electric eliminate the need to manually push or pull your clubs, allowing you to conserve energy and focus on your game. Powered by rechargeable batteries, these electric golf caddies can be controlled remotely or follow you automatically. They provide a convenient and efficient way to navigate the course while reducing fatigue and strain on your body. Explore  a variety of electric golf push carts.

Electric Golf Caddy Product Types

At Big Horn Golfer, we offer a diverse range of electric golf caddies for sale to cater to the unique needs and preferences of every golfer. Our collection includes three main types of power golf caddies: electric golf caddies with remote, follow caddies, and compact electric golf caddy carts.

Electric Golf Caddies with Remote

Electric golf caddies with remote, also known as remote-controlled motorized golf caddies, offer the ultimate control and precision. With a handheld remote, you can easily navigate your electric golf bag caddy across the course, sending it ahead to your next shot or calling it back to your side. These electric caddy golf carts are ideal for golfers who prefer to walk at their own pace and have complete command over their equipment. Many models feature advanced functions like speed control, directional steering, and even parking brakes for added convenience.

Follow Caddies

Follow caddies, also known as autonomous electric golf caddies or golf power caddies, use advanced technology to follow you around the course automatically. Equipped with sensors and intelligent algorithms, these golf caddies electric maintain a set distance behind you, navigating around obstacles and stopping when you stop. This hands-free operation allows you to focus entirely on your game without worrying about controlling the powered golf caddy. Follow caddies are perfect for golfers who want a seamless and effortless experience on the course. You can also explore a wider variety of robotic golf caddies.

Compact Electric Golf Caddy Carts

Compact electric golf caddy carts, also referred to as golf caddy electronic or battery golf caddy, are designed with portability and storage in mind. These lightweight and foldable models can easily fit into the trunk of your car or be stored in tight spaces at home. Despite their compact size, they still offer ample space for your clubs and accessories. Compact power golf caddies are a great choice for golfers who frequently travel to different courses or have limited storage space. They provide all the benefits of a motorized golf caddy without the bulkiness. We also have a specific collection of  battery operated golf push carts.

How to Choose an Electric Golf Caddy

When selecting from the various electric golf caddies for sale, consider your specific needs and preferences. If you value precise control and enjoy being in command, an electric golf caddy with a remote would be an excellent choice. On the other hand, if you prefer a hands-free experience and want to focus solely on your game, a follow caddy or golf power caddy might be the way to go.

Think about your storage and transportation requirements as well. If you have limited space in your vehicle or at home, a compact electric caddy cart that folds down easily could be the perfect solution. However, if you frequently play long courses or have a larger bag, you may opt for a powered golf caddy with a more spacious and sturdy design.

Consider the terrain of the courses you typically play. If you often encounter hills or uneven surfaces, look for motor golf caddies or an electric caddy golf cart with powerful motors and robust suspension systems to ensure smooth and stable operation. Additionally, pay attention to battery life and charging time to ensure the electric golf bag caddy can last through your entire round without interruption.

Invest in an electric golf caddy from Big Horn Golfer today and discover a new level of convenience and enjoyment on the course. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you in finding the ideal motorized golf caddy to complement your game. Experience the freedom and focus that comes with having a reliable and efficient electric golf caddy by your side.

Electric Golf Caddy FAQs

Q: What is an electric golf caddy and how does it differ from a manual push cart?

Ans: An electric golf caddy is a battery-powered cart that carries your golf clubs and gear around the course. Unlike manual push carts, electric caddies have a motor that propels the cart forward, eliminating the need for you to physically push your clubs.

Q: What are the benefits of using an electric golf caddy?

Ans: Electric golf caddies reduce fatigue and strain by eliminating the need to carry or push your clubs. They allow you to conserve energy, focus on your game, and offer convenient features like remote control or automatic follow technology for easier navigation on the course.

Q: What types of electric golf caddies are available?

Ans: The main types of electric golf caddies include remote-controlled caddies that allow precise navigation using a handheld remote, follow caddies that automatically follow you around the course using sensors, and compact caddies designed for easy transport and storage.

Q: How long do the batteries last in an electric golf caddy?

Ans: Battery life depends on factors like the caddy's weight, bag weight, terrain, and battery specifications. Most lithium-ion batteries in electric caddies can last 18-36 holes on a single charge. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for optimal battery life and performance.

Q: Are electric golf caddies allowed on all courses?

Ans: Most golf courses allow electric caddies, but it's always best to check with the specific course beforehand. Some courses may have restrictions or require caddies to stay on cart paths.

Q: How do I choose the right electric golf caddy for me?

Ans: Consider your specific needs and preferences, such as remote control vs. follow features, battery life and type, caddy weight and durability, folded size and storage requirements, terrain of frequently played courses, and budget.

Q: What is the cost range for electric golf caddies?

Ans: Electric golf caddy prices can range from around $500 for basic models to $1500 or more for premium models with advanced features. Consider it an investment in your golfing experience.

Q: Are electric golf caddies easy to set up and use?

Ans: Most electric caddies are designed for easy setup and intuitive operation. Many models fold and unfold quickly and have simple controls for power, speed, and direction.

Q: What kind of maintenance do electric golf caddies require?

Ans: Regular maintenance for electric caddies includes cleaning the frame and wheels, checking for loose or damaged parts, following manufacturer guidelines for battery care and storage, and scheduling professional servicing if needed.

Q: What warranty and customer support can I expect?

Ans: Warranty terms vary by manufacturer but typically range from 1-3 years. Look for brands that offer comprehensive coverage and reliable customer support, such as dedicated service centers or online resources, for peace of mind.






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Collection FAQs

Top questions about our Electric Golf Caddy collection

Can you switch the rear wheels from side to side so they wear more evenly?

You can remove the wheel and switch it to the opposite side. Please refer to the manual provided below:

X10 Follow - Owner's Manual
https://stewartgolf.com/media/X10 Follow - Owner's Manual - web.pdf

Difference between PowaKaddy CT6 EBS GPS and CT8 GPS

CT6 is one of the most compact caddies in the world and comes with EBS and GPS option. CT8 has all the features of the CT6 but with a larger display size.

Do you know how to use the MGI cart (MGI Zip Navigator) when the battery is dead?

There should be 2 grooves on the shaft of your cart.
You'll need to slide the wheel out to the groove nearest the end of the shaft.
You should be able to press the button to slide the wheel out. This will disengage the wheel from the motor & will make it easier to push
On both wheels

Do you know how to use the MGI cart when the battery is dead?

There should be 2 grooves on the shaft of your cart. You'll need to slide the wheel out to the groove nearest the end of the shaft. You should be able to press the button to slide the wheel out.  This will disengage the wheel from the motor & will make it easier to push On both wheels.

You can find that information on page 6 of the manual


Does the m7 with gps have a follow feature on the remote?

For the MotocaddyM7 GPS this cart does NOT come with a follow-mode feature. This cart is remote operated.

Does the Zip go in reverse?

Yes, the MGI Zip AT can go in reverse.

Full directional remote control allows for left, right, forward, reverse, and speed control

Does this cart has remote control?

This cart isn't remote-operated. You'll need to operate it using the controls on the handlebar.

Does this one Follow you around or do you steer it?

Motocaddy M7 does not come with a follow-mode feature. This cart is remote operated

Is the follow mode as reliable as the reviews suggest?

Yes, it is. Our personal experience with the Axglo brand has been awesome & our customers love them. The price point is fantastic for all of the features.

Is the wall outlet plug a standard US 110v?

Yes, it is

Is this remote controlled?

The ct6 is non-remote. It is not remote operated. You must operate this cart from the controls on the handlebar.

The User Manual states: The MGI Zip Navigator All Terrain can only be used with the: MGI 24v 380Wh Lithium battery. Did I get the incorrect battery?

MGI just switched to the 299wh battery, so the user manual has not been updated yet. The 299wh battery still does 36 holes but the only reason it was switched because customers wanted to ship the battery to different States but couldn’t as the 380wh battery was consider hazardous material and you need special paperwork and license for it. MGI has done testing on the battery and it will last 36 holes.

What is the difference between the MGI ZIP Navigator AT vs Nav Non AT?

  • The only really big difference between the AT and Nav is the front wheel assembly. The AT has a wider front wheelbase which is more stable on any course.
  • The rear wheels wear down good but when it is time to replace them it will be the whole rear wheel including rim.

What is the horsepower of the motors?

ForeCaddy is not rated in HP. They're rated by the size of the battery & how many holes you can use it without charging it. 36-54 holes. Depending on the terrain of the course.

What is the lightest weight cart with a lithium battery?

According to the manufacturer, the HB Scout cart is the only cart they sell, with a weight of 19.5 lbs. The lithium battery weighs 5 lbs. You do remove the battery when folding up the cart, so the most you will lift is 19.5 lbs.