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Alphard - V2 Battery
Archie Caraveauo

Played 4 rounds battery worked great.played 18 holes on a flat course and only used 2 lights. Shipping was fast and easy. Would recommend your site to everyone.

Anglo E-3 Golf follow cart

Very well made and follows very nicely. Very easy to learn to use. The battery holds the charge for 27 holes so far wit no problem. I am reasonably sure it would have gone for 36 but I only played 27. Love the ease of the follow me feature. just put the remote in your back pocket and it follows you no problem.

Works as advertised.

I love the MGI Ai Navigator GPS+ and I am extremely impressed with its features and performance.

Awesome ecart

Simple install & simple to use.

Finally walking again

I've had to ride a cart the last couple years at my age. I'm walking again & I love it!

Talk of the community!

Once I bought this & the people in the community saw me on it I was the talk of the town. Love it!

I love to walk & this has been a great investment.

I highly recommend the MGI Ai Navigator GPS+ to any golfer looking to enhance their game. Its advanced GPS system, user-friendly interface, and reliable performance make it a valuable addition to any golfer's equipment arsenal.

My buddies are sold

I bought one & now my golfing buddies are too!

The service was outstanding!!!!!!!! Still learning how work the cart.. Having trouble getting it to turn.

Hi Wayne! Thanks for the compliment! Let us know how we can help. Golf is frustrating enough... We want to help you enjoy your new Motocaddy as much as possible!

Super easy install for an awesome bay!

The enclosure is easy to set up and provides a professional-looking setup in my home.

Does everything as advertised.

Just as advertised. Thanks to BHG for making the buying process so easy, y'all are the best!

Axglo E5 Follow Me Electric Golf Push Cart

Alphard is awesome & so it Big Horn Golfer!

Pushes my cart anywhere I need it to go.

Makes playing faster & easier

If I need to maneuver around obstacles or position the cart by the next tee box, the remote control makes it a breeze.

Makes my home even better!

I recently transformed a spare room in my house into a year-round golf haven with the Carl's Place C-Series DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit. This kit has completely revolutionized my indoor golfing experience. 

Cart does well on my hilly course.

The remote control function allows me to effortlessly maneuver the cart around the course, even on hilly terrain.

Makes golf even more fun!

Golf has become more fun (even after I hit a bad shot I still smile jumping back on the Rowdy).

Makes walking easy

It was tough to walk 18 with my knees. Makes it a heck of a lot easier to do it now!

Cart is awesome & GPS works well.

 I can rely on the MGI Ai Navigator to provide accurate yardages and course information. This has greatly improved my decision-making on the course and has ultimately helped me improve my game. In addition to its GPS capabilities, the cart itself is well-designed and easy to use. 

Great golf investment

Love it. I could figure out the installation of the brackets on my own but reached out to the team at Big Horn Golfer & they simplified the problem for me.

Can't beat it for the price

Compared to the other electric carts this is a great deal if you already own a push cart.

Love it!

I can play a round with no time on the Rattler not to mention how much more fun it adds to the round.

Walking on Sunshine

The Axglo E5 is just what they advertise. Easy to use with impressive features from easy charging and loading to going anywhere. It was like taking your first bike out for a ride.

Love the GPS feature.

I purchased the MGI Ai Navigator GPS+ and I am extremely impressed with its performance. The integrated GPS system is a game-changer

Expensive but worth it.

The Zip Navigator AT feels solid and durable, which gives me peace of mind that it will withstand the test of time.