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Matt Greene

Love the scooter. It did come with a few scratches in the black paint. I would also recommend a more complete set of assembly instructions with pictures. Overall I am very happy with the product.

DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit with Preferred Impact Screen

Bagboy quad XL swivel conversion kit

Ordered this to make the cart run/turn smoother but when I attached it and used it for the 1st time I found that the wheels will swivel to the right or left and pretty much get stuck in that angled position pushing the front wheels in that angled position. Is there something I'm missing here? An adjustment? Or is this a poor design, please help.

MGI Zip Navigator AT Remote Controlled Push Cart

MGI - Zip GPS/Phone Holder

MGI Navigator

Awesome cart!!! Really enjoy the ease playing now. Also a huge step saver, especially shot to the green, grab your putter & driver and sent cart to next hole.
Its like having an invisible caddy.

Foresight Sports ForeCaddy Follow/Remote Control Electric Smart Cart

I used it for 2 rounds so far and I really like it. Battery power consumption seems quite good, follow feature is great.
Few feedback items: Water bottle in the cup holder is not fitting snug, as a result, it keeps falling out. maybe Foresight can supply correct size water bottle.
Tires tend to gather lot of dirt and grass, takes some time to clean.
Top strap for securing bag is not user friendly, keeps getting loose and bag tends to shift.
Foresight recommends not to use cart in wet weather, this is a big disadvantage in the North East, where we tend to have 4 seasons in one round.

Optoma EH412STx
Hector Rodriguez III
Doesn’t fill screen, works but Discontinued?

The first problem I have is the projector that is being sold has been discontinued since 2020. The second is this projector’s image will never fit a 8.5x10ft enclosure.

Stewart Golf Q-Series Lithium Battery?

I purchased a Stewart Golf Q-Series Lithium Battery . Staff was awesome helping me finish my on line order. Battery was promptly shippd and received it in 3 days. Would be again and recommend to others

Sorry, I haven’t installed them as yet.

Excellent option for DIY

Finished product is exactly what I expected. Took a little effort to understand the process but that could just be me.


Very good customer service when asking a question.

MGI - Zip Navigator AT - All Terrain

TrueStrike Academy
Phoumaly Chongtoua
True strike Academy hitting mat

Nice gel mat but the end of the of the fairway mats do not sit flush to the enclosure which does not make the Academy May system look really professional

Full Swing Kit

Holy smokes! This thing will lower my handicap! I'll be taking money off my friends this year! NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!!!

Stewart Golf X10 Remote

It's like having a caddy! Drive it around from the remote & watch it go! I love it!

Full Swing Kit

100% the cats meow! I hope to win some money off my buddy Nick after practicing on this thing. Probably not but I'll give it my best!!! My other buddy Chris can cheat as much as he wants this year & he'll never be able to beat me! Our 4th, Bob, will only play for pennies against us because I'll be taking him to the bank! BOOM!

Caddiebike Rambler xr

Get on one of these as soon as you can. The most fun I've ever had golfing!

Super E-Caddy

This cart is fantastic! I wish I would've bought one years ago! I take a break on the seat every once in a while & it even has a cooler for my adult beverages. The best!

Full Swing Kit

Arrived fast & on time! Love this thing!

Full Swing Kit

Great people to deal with! Highly recommend the Full Swing Kit if you want to be serious about your game!

Super E-Caddy

The seat on this cart allows me to take a much needed break on the course. I love it & the girls I play with are so jealous of this cart! I do them a favor & carry their drinks around in the cooler!

HB Scout

I love this thing. Period. It does exactly what I was hoping for.

Stewart Golf Q Remote

So cool. The envy of my foursome on league night.

Full Swing Kit

LFG! I can't wait to practice on this all winter long!