4 Wheel Golf Push Carts

Nothing beats a beautiful day walking the course. And if you want to elevate your walking experience while lowering your scores, a 4 wheel golf push cart from Big Horn Golfer can help. Shop the top brands in the industry... Read more

Nothing beats a beautiful day walking the course. And if you want to elevate your walking experience while lowering your scores, a 4 wheel golf push cart from Big Horn Golfer can help. Shop the top brands in the industry at unbeatable prices and see what you’ve been missing out on!

Elevate the Walking Experience While Lowering Your Scores With a 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart From Big Horn Golfer!

If you’re like us, you prefer walking your rounds to riding. Maybe it’s because you end up saving hundreds of dollars a month on cart rentals. Or, maybe it’s because you get to experience the game of golf to the fullest - fully taking in the scenery and appreciating the little things as you walk down the fairway. Perhaps it’s because you know you could lose a few pounds - and walking the course is how you justify those beers and that dog at the turn!

Whatever the case, there’s no denying the benefits of walking your rounds. One thing is for sure though - you need the right electric golf push cart to truly unlock the full experience. Otherwise, you end up wasting precious energy with a clunky cart and a heavy bag of clubs. The good news? We’re here to help you experience the best course-walking experience you’ve ever had. Our four wheel golf push cart selection features the most respected brands in the industry at low prices that won’t break the bank. Shop now and take your game to the next level! 

What Separates Our Selection of Four Wheel Golf Push Carts From the Rest?

Big Horn Golfer has come to be known as the premier choice for your golfing essentials - from range finders to putting greens, mats, and more. But, most people know us for our 4 wheel golf push carts. The reason? We’ve spent our lives using different push carts and found what separates the best from the rest. And this has allowed us to curate the best selection possible here on our site. This means you can rest assured you’re getting the best bang for your buck!

We have options ranging from simple follow golf push carts to more sophisticated remote golf push carts. These allow you to really focus on your game as you walk down the fairway - just like the pros do. And, you can find carts with specific features that matter most to you - whether that be a lightweight and compact breakdown, extra storage, and cupholders, you name it, we’ve got it.

Oh - and while you came here looking for a high-end four wheel golf push cart, just know that we also have a great selection of 3 wheel golf push carts. These are great for golfers who prioritize easy maneuverability over stability. But if you play on hilly courses, these four wheel options are perfect. 

If you want personalized help choosing the right model, just reach out. We’re lifelong golfers ourselves and are eager to help you get exactly what you need to enjoy the game to the fullest.

See What You’ve Been Missing Out On By Getting Your 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart Now!

Ready to see what you’ve been missing out on all this time? Get your 4 wheel golf push cart now - or, take a look at our selection of electric golf scooters. These are a whole new way to play the game in style!






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Collection FAQs

Top questions about our 4 Wheel Golf Push Carts collection

Can you switch the rear wheels from side to side so they wear more evenly?

You can remove the wheel and switch it to the opposite side. Please refer to the manual provided below:

X10 Follow - Owner's Manual
https://stewartgolf.com/media/X10 Follow - Owner's Manual - web.pdf

Do you know how to use the MGI cart (MGI Zip Navigator) when the battery is dead?

There should be 2 grooves on the shaft of your cart.
You'll need to slide the wheel out to the groove nearest the end of the shaft.
You should be able to press the button to slide the wheel out. This will disengage the wheel from the motor & will make it easier to push
On both wheels

Does the m7 with gps have a follow feature on the remote?

For the MotocaddyM7 GPS this cart does NOT come with a follow-mode feature. This cart is remote operated.

Does the Zip go in reverse?

Yes, the MGI Zip AT can go in reverse.

Full directional remote control allows for left, right, forward, reverse, and speed control

Does this cart has remote control?

This cart isn't remote-operated. You'll need to operate it using the controls on the handlebar.

Is the follow mode as reliable as the reviews suggest?

Yes, it is. Our personal experience with the Axglo brand has been awesome & our customers love them. The price point is fantastic for all of the features.

Is the wall outlet plug a standard US 110v?

Yes, it is

The User Manual states: The MGI Zip Navigator All Terrain can only be used with the: MGI 24v 380Wh Lithium battery. Did I get the incorrect battery?

MGI just switched to the 299wh battery, so the user manual has not been updated yet. The 299wh battery still does 36 holes but the only reason it was switched because customers wanted to ship the battery to different States but couldn’t as the 380wh battery was consider hazardous material and you need special paperwork and license for it. MGI has done testing on the battery and it will last 36 holes.

What is the difference between the MGI ZIP Navigator AT vs Nav Non AT?

  • The only really big difference between the AT and Nav is the front wheel assembly. The AT has a wider front wheelbase which is more stable on any course.
  • The rear wheels wear down good but when it is time to replace them it will be the whole rear wheel including rim.

What is the horsepower of the motors?

ForeCaddy is not rated in HP. They're rated by the size of the battery & how many holes you can use it without charging it. 36-54 holes. Depending on the terrain of the course.