Carl's Place DIY & PRO Golf Simulator Bays

Explore Carl's Place for top-quality DIY & PRO Golf Simulator Bays. Ideal for golf enthusiasts seeking a realistic playing experience at home. Additionally, Carl's Golf DIY & PRO Simulator Bays offer a realistic golfing experience with the ability to play... Read more

Explore Carl's Place for top-quality DIY & PRO Golf Simulator Bays. Ideal for golf enthusiasts seeking a realistic playing experience at home.

Additionally, Carl's Golf DIY & PRO Simulator Bays offer a realistic golfing experience with the ability to play on virtual courses and practice your swing. The bays are compatible with various golf simulation software and can be set up to include additional accessories, such as ball retrievers and club racks.

The DIY option is perfect for those who want to build their own simulator bay and save money. Carl's Golf provides all the materials and instructions needed to build a top-of-the-line golf simulator at an affordable price. This option is great for those who want to customize their simulator to fit their specific needs.

The PRO option is a turn-key solution for commercial grade simulator bays for indoor golfing. This option is perfect for those who want a complete and hassle-free solution for their indoor golfing needs.

Overall, Carl's Golf DIY Simulator Bays provide a fun and convenient way to improve your golf skills and enjoy the game year-round, regardless of weather conditions or time of day.






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Collection FAQs

Top questions about our Carl's Place DIY & PRO Golf Simulator Bays collection

Are the cameras compatible with the Foresight GC3 launch monitor?

  • We have tested our Carl's Place cameras with the Foresight FSX 2020 software and found that it does work with one camera at a time.
  • Yes, if you are running FSX 2020 with the GC3 you should be able to use a camera

Can you tell me what the requirement is for distance from the wall to screen at the back of the enclosure?

  • We recommend mounting your golf impact screen a minimum of 12-16 inches away from the wall to be safe. If you are really good and hit the ball hard you may want to increase this distance. This is also true if you build a Golf Simulator Enclosure or Hitting Cage. Make sure the screen is a minimum of 12-16 inches away from any support poles or you risk the ball ricocheting back at you. Do not put tension on the screen, you need to allow for some movement.
  • 1 foot minimum

Do you have golf swing cameras and swing analyzers?

We just have golf cameras & unfortunately do not offer any swing analyzers at this moment but a lot of golfers use Kinovea! It's free software!

Do you know if these cameras work well with Foresight sports software?

Yes, they will integrate with the FSX software.

Does it come with two zoom lens?

One lens
Zoom Lens: We do offer a zoom lens for our golf swing camera set. This can be a great alternative if the wide-angle lens doesn't meet your requirements.

The Carl's Place Swing Cameras come as a pair and then you have the option to add the Zoom Lens separately. The Zoom Lenses are sold as individuals, so you would need to purchase two if you want that on both cameras.

Does it work with foresight GCQuad or software?

Yes, it does work with Foresight GCQuad.
Customers in the past have seamlessly connected to the FS2020 software

Does the camera work with Trackman as well?

  • According to the manufacturer, they haven't tested their Golf Swing Camera Set with Trackman since it's not a launch monitor they currently carry.
  • Trackman should be compatible or work, but they haven't personally tested it with Trackman to confirm. They don't carry Trackman, so they don't have Trackman to test it with.

For the wall extensions - is the size the height or width? how high are they?

3 Depth Options
6', 8', or 10' (length) these golf simulator net extensions add the depth you need to protect your space.

The Net Wall Extensions are 92" in height and extend out 6, 8, or 10' in depth

How does the net wall extension attach to the golf simulator? Is it compatible with the foresight screens or system?

Carl's Place - Net Wall Extensions

The Net Wall Extenders have a strip of velcro that attaches to the other side of the velcro on our enclosures. If the Foresight system has hook fastener, or if you are able to add hook fastener to the system the Extenders would work with it.

How far down do the safety baffles hang?

DIY Safety Baffles hang down 6", which are made for frames up to 163" wide. The wider options are our Pro Enclosure Baffles, which hang down 12".

How many mounting holes there are on the top and one side of the screen?

  • Your screen will have a grommet in each corner, then another grommet about 5” from the corner in each direction.  The rest are spaced about 12” apart. You will have about 15 grommets on the top. You will have about 11 grommets on the side.
  • 15 grommets on the top and 11 grommets on the side.

Is Carl's Place Golf Swing Camera Set integrates with the GC3 Hawk, GC Pro, and Swing Catalyst software?

According to the manufacturer, the Carl's Place Swing Cameras are Plug-And-Play, making them compatible with most software that recognizes a camera connection. They have been successfully used with Foresight Launch Monitors, although the Foresight Software may only display one camera view at a time. Additionally, they have heard of customers using them with Swing Catalyst software. As an alternative, they typically recommend Kinovea, a free camera-view software that can be used for simple camera views with their cameras.

What is the name for the USB connector that is used on the swing camera?

The cameras connect to a computer using a USB 3.0 connection

What type of material the baffles are made of?

The Safety Baffles are made of Black Vinyl Material and secure to the Enclosure via Bungees on each side. The DIY Baffles are 6" and the Pro Baffles are 12".

Which would you recommend for heavy commercial use?

  • We highly recommend the premium screen.
  • Carl’s Premium Golf Impact Screen offers the best image, the longest durability, some noise reduction, and helps to minimize bounce-back.