Launch Monitor for Golf Simulation

Step into the future of golfing excellence with Big Horn Golfer's Golf Launch Monitor collection. Our selection features top-of-the-line brands like ProTee, Optishot, Bushnell, and more, offering unparalleled precision and advanced technology. Whether refining your swing, competing with friends, or... Read more

Step into the future of golfing excellence with Big Horn Golfer's Golf Launch Monitor collection. Our selection features top-of-the-line brands like ProTee, Optishot, Bushnell, and more, offering unparalleled precision and advanced technology. Whether refining your swing, competing with friends, or enjoying golf indoors, our launch monitors provide real-time data and insights to enhance every aspect of your game. Choose Big Horn Golfer for an experience where innovation meets passion, transforming the way you play and improve in golf.

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Golf launch monitors are high-tech devices that have revolutionized the way golfers approach their game. These devices use advanced technology to measure key metrics like ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, and more, providing golfers with valuable data that can help them improve their game.

With a golf launch monitor, you can track the trajectory of your shots, identify areas for improvement, and make more informed decisions about club selection and swing mechanics. Whether you're a beginner looking to build a solid foundation or an experienced player striving for greater consistency, a golf launch monitor can help you reach your goals. You can also Buy golf simulator and take your game to the next level with Big Horn Golfer.

One of the most appealing aspects of golf launch monitors is their versatility. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, allowing golfers to practice and analyze their game in a variety of settings. Additionally, many launch monitors offer customizable settings and features, allowing you to tailor your experience to your individual needs and preferences.

When shopping for a golf launch monitor, it's important to consider factors like accuracy, ease of use, and compatibility with other devices. Look for models with high levels of accuracy and reliable data, as well as intuitive interfaces and user-friendly designs.

Overall, golf launch monitors are a game-changing technology for golfers of all levels. Whether you're looking to fine-tune your swing or take your game to the next level, a launch monitor can help you achieve your goals and get the most out of your golfing experience.

Big Horn Golfer offers the BEST brands including:




Ernest Sports

Full Swing





Golf launch monitors aren't just tools for personal improvement; they're fantastic for social and competitive enjoyment. Host tournaments, friendly competitions, and transform any space into an interactive golfing experience by integrating these devices with simulation software. Perfect for entertaining guests or spending quality time with family and friends. also, Buy golf cameras and elevate your golfing experience.

Moreover, investing in a golf launch monitor from Big Horn Golfer means you're not just buying a product; you're joining a community of golf enthusiasts. With customer support and expert advice readily available, every purchase is an entry into a world of golfing expertise. Stay updated with the latest in golf technology, tips for improving your game, and exclusive offers from Big Horn Golfer.

Embrace the future of golf training and entertainment with a launch monitor. Whether it's improving your technique, enjoying a round of golf with friends, or simply indulging in the love for the game, a golf launch monitor from Big Horn Golfer is your ticket to a more enjoyable, efficient, and rewarding golfing experience.






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Collection FAQs

Top questions about our Launch Monitor for Golf Simulation collection

Do you have a sheet with the space requirements of the product?

We recommend an absolute minimum space of 12ft length x 10ft width x 8.5 ft height. You can get by with these dimensions but you may not be able swing all of your clubs (driver) because of the length with a low ceiling height. A great size room would like like this: 18ft length x 15ft width x 10 ft height

How far behind the ball does it need to go?

  • 7 feet behind the ball
  • The tee location must be at least 8 ft. (2.4 m) away from the net when playing indoors.

How is BallFlight different from the Optishot2 simulator?

The OptiShot2 Indoor Simulator is the core piece of technical equipment in any OptiShot setup. It leverages front and rear infrared sensors to view your swing in real time and translates this data into accurate gameplay calculations for things like ball trajectory, total distance, face angle, speed, and more.

The BallFlight system is our newest piece of technology that uses infrared sensors and camera technology to measure both your ball and club data, giving you more data on every shot (Ex. ball speed, launch angle, spin rate etc.). Play and practice your game indoors or outdoors, as well as access our newest game engine and graphics with BallFlight.

I am wondering if the Bushnell Launch Pro is the club data model or just the ball data model?

According to the manufacturer, both units are available for purchase – the ball only or the ball and club data. Currently, only the ball-only option is available on their website. We're waiting for stock to arrive for the Ball and Club units.

But, if you were to purchase the Ball only version right now, you can actually purchase the club data online for what would be the same price ($1,500 as long as you purchase within 14 days of registering their Launch Pro) If you delay the purchase past the 14 day, you can still add the club data for $1,750

Since the monitor is only 3 feet away from the screen, doesn’t it get hit when using your wedges.

The monitor is farther than 3’ from the screen
It’s 3’ in front of the hitting area
Which depending on space is likely 9’ from the screen

What software works with NVISAGE N1?


GSPro, E6 (more to come)

Compatible with 3rd Party Software

Elevate your skills to unprecedented levels within the virtual confines of a simulated driving range or the expanse of hundreds of renowned golf courses, effortlessly achieved by seamlessly integrating the NVISAGE N1 with third-party software solutions like GSPro or E6 Connect.

What type of protection does the ProTee VX have for its enclosure. Is it Polycarbonate over the lens?

That's correct! We know that a couple of manufacturers are working on making a cover to go over the unit to protect it. However, a lot of testing has to be done to ensure it doesn't reduce the statistics. We also offer a 1-year ball strike insurance! This limited warranty does not cover any damage due to accident, misuse, outdoor use, abuse, or negligence.