Electric Golf Carts

Searching for the ultimate Electric Golf Cart this golf season? Look no further than Big Horn Golfer!

We offer an extensive range of top-of-the-line electric golf carts designed to help you:

  • Score better by focusing on your game!
  • Enjoy more physical activity like walking (avg. 7.5 miles per 18 holes)
  • Reduce excessive strain of carrying a heavy bag around
  • Enjoy the game & just being on a joy walk!

Why settle for less when you can cruise the course in unmatched luxury?

Find out why e-carts have become the sensation of the golfing community today!

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Get More Steps

Save Costs

Environmentally friendly

Quiet and smooth

Easy to set up

5 star rated


Step Into a New love for the game

Foresight Sports ForeCaddy Follow/Remote Control Electric Smart Cart v1.5 - Big Horn Golfer

More Walking

From walking, get up to 12,000 more steps per 18-hole games which helps to improve cardiovascular health, strengthen muscles, and maintain a healthy weight.

Foresight Sports ForeCaddy Follow/Remote Control Electric Smart Cart v1.5 - Big Horn Golfer

It's Easy.

Revolutionary folding design means easy transportation. Take control from a handy remote or app. Take along drinks and snacks effortlessly.

Stewart Golf Q Remote Control & Follow Electric Push Cart - Big Horn Golfer

Environment & Cost Effective

E-carts are also cost-effective as they offer significant savings in the long run and reduce carbon emissions

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For the Modern Golfer

Kam Kaddie V1 Remote Controlled Golf Push Cart - Big Horn Golfer



Dilly-dallying by having to carry your own bag across uneven terrain

Transporting your golfing gear with ease around the course and eliminating physical strain

Wasting time and energy between shots when moving your bag

Concentrating on your game and enjoying time with friends

Stressing about the walk with a heavy bag and opting for a golf buggy

Burning calories and increasing your step count without any extra load

Using noisy, expensive and gasoline-powered golf buggy's to get around

Using new technology with energy-efficient rechargeable batteries & do your bit to help the environment


Packed with features

MGI Zip Navigator Remote Controlled Push Cart & Golf Bag Bundle - Big Horn Golfer

Easy Storage

Our folding mechanism ensures the cart takes up minimal space when not in use. Some carts offer offering an 11% smaller folded footprint, so it fits in even the smallest car boots.

How to Use a Golf Push Cart.webp__PID:dc1b766d-eca8-4939-98e1-729f8c46555c

Sturdy Design

Built with high-quality materials to last through rugged terrains. E-Carts are made to be durable


User-Friendly Interface

Features an easy-to-use, intuitive control panel. Or control from a simple mobile phone app

MGI Ai Navigator GPS+ Remote Control Electric Push Cart - Big Horn Golfer


Zero emissions mean you're also protecting the green while on the green.