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Do you want to conserve your energy for your swing instead of long walks? A golf cart from Big Horn Golfer could be the game-changer you need to upgrade your golfing experience. Overview of Golf Carts Golf carts are motorized... Read more

Do you want to conserve your energy for your swing instead of long walks? A golf cart from Big Horn Golfer could be the game-changer you need to upgrade your golfing experience.

Overview of Golf Carts

Golf carts are motorized vehicles designed to transport golfers and their equipment around the golf course. They provide a convenient and efficient way to navigate the terrain, saving you time and energy. Modern golf carts come equipped with a variety of features to improve your comfort and performance on the green. We also have an electric golf push carts selection for you.

Golf Cart Product Types

At Big Horn Golfer, we offer a diverse selection of golf carts to suit every golfer's needs and preferences. Our collection includes three main types of golf carts:

Electric Golf Carts

Electric golf carts are powered by rechargeable batteries, making them an eco-friendly and quiet option. They offer smooth acceleration and require minimal maintenance. With a single charge, electric carts can typically cover 18 to 36 holes, depending on the model and terrain.

Remote Control Golf Carts

Remote control golf carts take convenience to the next level. These innovative carts allow you to control the movement of the cart using a handheld remote, freeing you from the need to physically push or pull the cart. They are perfect for golfers who want to focus solely on their game without any distractions. Want a conversion golf cart kit?

Push Carts

Push carts, also known as walking carts, are manually operated and require you to push them along the course. They are lightweight, easy to maneuver, and offer ample storage space for your golf bag and accessories. Push carts are ideal for golfers who prefer a more traditional and active golfing experience. You can also track your cart by purchasing a golf cart tracking device.

How to Choose a Golf Cart

When selecting a golf cart, consider your specific needs and preferences. If you prioritize convenience and effortless navigation, an electric or remote control cart would be a suitable choice. These carts allow you to traverse the course with minimal physical effort, leaving you more energy to focus on your shots.

On the other hand, if you enjoy the exercise and traditional aspect of walking the course, a push cart would be a great option. Push carts provide a balance between carrying your bag and using a motorized cart. They are also more affordable and require no charging or fuel.

Consider the terrain of the courses you frequently play. If you often encounter hilly or uneven terrain, an electric cart with powerful motors and sturdy tires would be beneficial. For flatter courses, a push cart or a lightweight electric cart may suffice.

Think about your storage and transportation needs as well. If you have limited space in your vehicle or at home, a compact and foldable cart would be a practical choice. Many of our electric and push carts feature collapsible designs for easy storage and portability.

At Big Horn Golfer, we understand that every golfer is unique. That's why we offer a wide range of golf carts with various features and specifications to cater to your individual requirements. Whether you prioritize comfort, performance, or style, we have the perfect golf cart to improve your golfing experience.

Browse our collection today and discover the golf cart that will take your game to the next level. With our top-quality selection and exceptional customer service, you can trust Big Horn Golfer to be your go-to destination for all your golfing needs. Upgrade your game with a golf cart from Big Horn Golfer and experience the difference it makes on the course.


Q: What types of golf carts are available at Big Horn Golfer?

A: We offer both electric and gas powered golf carts from top brands like Club Car, EZGO, and Yamaha. Our selection includes 2, 4, and 6 seater models.

Q: What are the benefits of an electric golf cart vs gas?

A: Electric golf carts are quiet, eco-friendly, and have lower operating costs. Gas carts have a longer range and more power for hilly terrain. The right choice depends on your needs.

Q: How fast can golf carts go?

A: Most golf carts have a top speed around 12-14 mph. Some models can be upgraded to reach speeds of 20-25 mph where allowed by law.

Q: Are golf carts street legal?

A: Many golf carts can be made street legal with the proper equipment like seat belts, turn signals, and VIN. Check your local regulations.

Q: What is the average cost of a golf cart?

A: Prices for a new golf cart typically range from $4,000 for a basic model up to $15,000 for a premium 6 seater with added features and accessories.

Q: What is the range of an electric golf cart?

A: Most electric golf carts can go 15-25 miles on a single charge, depending on the battery size, terrain, and load. This is enough for 1-2 rounds of golf.

Q: How long do golf cart batteries last?

A: With proper care and maintenance, golf cart batteries usually last 4-6 years. Replacing a battery pack costs $600-$1500.

Q: What accessories are available for golf carts?

A: Popular golf cart accessories include rear seats, cargo boxes, custom wheels and tires, lift kits, enclosures, stereo systems, and more.

Q: Can you finance a golf cart purchase?

A: Yes, we partner with leading financing companies to offer affordable monthly payment options for golf cart purchases, subject to credit approval.

Q: What warranty comes with a new golf cart?

A: Most new golf carts come with a 2-4 year manufacturer warranty covering the frame, suspension, and major electronics. Batteries are usually warrantied separately.






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Yes, the MGI Zip AT can go in reverse.

Full directional remote control allows for left, right, forward, reverse, and speed control

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