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Discover follow golf carts at Big Horn Golfer in an elaborated collection that has something for everyone. We don’t want you to wander here and there looking for the right product so we brought all the best ones together for... Read more

Discover follow golf carts at Big Horn Golfer in an elaborated collection that has something for everyone. We don’t want you to wander here and there looking for the right product so we brought all the best ones together for you. Happy shopping!

Overview of Follow Golf Carts

Follow golf carts, also known as remote or autonomous caddies, are revolutionizing the way golfers navigate the course. These cutting-edge carts use advanced technology to automatically follow you as you walk, freeing you from the burden of pushing or pulling your clubs. With a follow golf cart, you can focus on your game while enjoying a more relaxed and efficient round. You can also discover a wider range of battery operated golf carts at our store.

Follow Golf Cart Product Types

Our collection features a range of follow golf carts designed to cater to different golfing needs and preferences. From rugged all-terrain models to sleek and luxurious options, we have a cart to suit every golfer.

Terrain Master Carts

Terrain Master follow golf carts are built to handle the toughest courses. With robust construction and advanced terrain-adapting technology, these carts ensure smooth and reliable performance on even the most challenging fairways and rough. Whether you're navigating hills or bunkers, a Terrain Master cart will be your steadfast companion throughout the round. There are also terrain master remote control golf cart products in our collections. 

Luxury Cruiser Carts

For golfers who demand the finest, our Luxury Cruiser follow golf carts offer style and performance. Crafted with premium materials and extended battery life, these carts combine style and functionality. Imagine gliding across the green with your clubs in tow, turning heads as you showcase your impeccable taste and commitment to the game.

Compact & Folding Carts

Compact and folding follow golf carts are perfect for golfers who value convenience and portability. These ingeniously designed carts can be easily folded down to a compact size, fitting seamlessly into your car trunk or storage space. Whether you're heading to your local course or embarking on a golfing getaway, these carts offer the ultimate in flexibility without compromising on performance. Also explore folding electric golf push carts.

How to Choose a Follow Golf Cart

Selecting the right follow golf cart depends on your individual needs and the type of courses you frequently play. If you often find yourself on rugged or hilly terrain, a Terrain Master cart with its robust construction and powerful motors will ensure a smooth and effortless experience. For those who prioritize luxury and style, a Luxury Cruiser cart will improve your golfing prestige while providing exceptional performance.

Consider your storage and transportation requirements as well. If you have limited space or frequently travel to different courses, a compact and folding cart may be the ideal choice. These carts offer the same advanced features as their larger counterparts but with the added convenience of easy storage and portability.

Ultimately, the key is to choose a follow golf cart that aligns with your golfing lifestyle and enhances your overall experience on the course. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a passionate weekend warrior, our collection has a cart that will exceed your expectations and help you take your game to new heights.

Experience the future of golf with Big Horn Golfer's follow golf cart collection. Embrace innovation, convenience, and style as you navigate the course with ease. Invest in your game and make every round a memorable one with our carefully curated selection of advanced carts. Visit our collection today

FAQs Follow Golf Cart

Q: What is the price range for follow golf carts?

A: Follow golf carts typically range from around $1,500 for basic models up to $4,000 or more for premium carts with advanced features and longer battery life.

Q: What are the top brands of follow golf carts?

A: Some of the leading brands in the follow golf cart market include Stewart Golf, FTR Caddytrek, Foresight Sports, and Bat-Caddy.

Q: How long do the batteries last on a follow golf cart?

A: Most follow golf carts use lithium batteries that can last for 18-36 holes on a single charge, depending on the model and terrain.

Q: Are follow golf carts allowed on all golf courses?

A: Many courses allow follow golf carts, but it's best to check with the specific course beforehand. Some may have restrictions or require a special permit.

Q: Can follow golf carts be controlled remotely?

A: Yes, most follow golf carts come with remote control functionality, allowing you to send the cart ahead or call it to your location using a handheld remote or smartphone app.

Q: How much do follow golf carts weigh?

A: Follow golf carts typically weigh between 30-40 lbs without the battery. The lithium batteries add another 5-10 lbs.

Q: Are follow golf carts waterproof?

A: Many follow golf carts are designed to be weather-resistant, but not fully waterproof. It's best to protect the cart during heavy rain or store it indoors.

Q: What is the maximum speed of a follow golf cart?

A: Most follow golf carts have a maximum speed of around 4-7 mph, which is a comfortable walking pace for most golfers.

Q: How do you recharge a follow golf cart?

A: Follow golf carts come with a charger that plugs into a standard outlet. It typically takes 2-8 hours for a full charge, depending on the battery size.

Q: What accessories are available for follow golf carts?

A: Common accessories include scorecard holders, umbrella holders, cup holders, phone/GPS mounts, and custom wheel colors. Some brands offer additional attachments and customization options.






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Collection FAQs

Top questions about our Follow Golf Cart collection

Can you switch the rear wheels from side to side so they wear more evenly?

You can remove the wheel and switch it to the opposite side. Please refer to the manual provided below:

X10 Follow - Owner's Manual Follow - Owner's Manual - web.pdf

Is the follow mode as reliable as the reviews suggest?

Yes, it is. Our personal experience with the Axglo brand has been awesome & our customers love them. The price point is fantastic for all of the features.

Is the wall outlet plug a standard US 110v?

Yes, it is

What is the horsepower of the motors?

ForeCaddy is not rated in HP. They're rated by the size of the battery & how many holes you can use it without charging it. 36-54 holes. Depending on the terrain of the course.