Collection: Golf Carts With GPS

In the ever-evolving world of golf, Big Horn Golfer brings you the ultimate fusion of mobility and cutting-edge technology with our collection of golf carts equipped with GPS. Steer your game with precision and sophistication, ensuring that every move on the green is informed and strategic.

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Types of Golf Carts with GPS

Golf carts with GPS offer players an enhanced experience on the greens, combining the convenience of mobility with the precision of satellite technology. As golfing needs evolve, so does our range, offering a diverse selection tailored to meet the specific requirements of every enthusiast. Dive in and find the perfect blend of technology and tradition.

  1. Strategic Game Carts: Tailored for the competitive golfer, these carts offer precise GPS measurements to greens, bunkers, and water hazards, allowing you to plan your shots with unprecedented accuracy.
  2. Luxe Leisure Carts: Beyond just game strategy, these golf carts come with scenic GPS views, highlighting course landmarks and viewpoints, ensuring your ride around the course is as delightful as your game.
  3. High-Tech Carts: A treat for the tech aficionados, these carts aren’t limited to just GPS functionality. Expect touchscreens, connectivity features, and even on-the-go game analysis tools.

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Advantages of Integrating GPS in Golf Carts

The addition of GPS into a golf cart transcends beyond simple navigation. It’s about enhancing your strategic play, offering a visual layout of the course, predicting distances, and preparing you for challenges ahead. It's like having a virtual caddy guiding you at every turn, ensuring you're always a step ahead in the game.

  • Precision Play: Accurately measure distances to the hole, bunkers, and other hazards.
  • Course Awareness: Familiarize yourself with the layout, even if it's your first time playing on that course.
  • Real-time Updates: Get alerted about course changes or weather conditions that could impact your game.
  • Stat Tracking: Monitor and analyze your performance over time for continuous improvement.
  • Reduced Pace of Play: Navigate swiftly and reduce wait times, leading to a smoother golfing experience.
  • Safety Features: Quickly locate and communicate with other carts in case of emergencies or lost players.

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Comprehensive GPS Features: A Deeper Look

Our GPS-equipped golf carts are designed to offer you comprehensive insights into the game. From topographical course views and digital scoring options to real-time weather updates, these carts ensure you're equipped with all the information you need, right at your fingertips.

Diving deeper, these advanced GPS systems are not just static map displays but dynamic tools that adapt to your game. They're programmed to recognize individual holes, calculate optimal shot distances, and even offer club recommendations based on your current position. 

With such profound insights, every swing you take is informed, every decision you make is strategic, and your overall game is elevated. Harnessing this technology allows you to focus on perfecting your skills, knowing that you have a digital ally guiding you through each round.

Factors to Ponder When Making Your Choice

Your decision to invest in a golf cart with integrated GPS should be a reflection of your unique playing style and preferences. Understanding and aligning with your needs can make a significant difference in your golfing experience.

  • Your Play Frequency: Regular players might benefit from advanced GPS features, while occasional golfers might prefer basic navigation aids. 
  • Battery Longevity: Ensure that the integrated GPS has a battery life that aligns with your typical game duration. 
  • Tech Preferences: Evaluate if you prefer additional tech integrations like Bluetooth or game statistics features.


Elevate your golfing journey with Big Horn Golfer's curated selection of golf carts with GPS. It's more than just mobility; it's about navigating the course with intelligence and finesse. Whether you're honing your skills or simply seeking leisurely rounds, our carts are tailored to ensure you play with precision, backed by state-of-the-art technology. Embark on a smarter golfing experience today. Buy gps golf caddy today!