Electric Golf Push Cart That Follows You

At Big Horn Golfer with our electric golg push carts that follow you, we're changing how you walk the golf course. Our smart carts make your golfing experience better, letting you focus on your game while your reliable cart follows... Read more

At Big Horn Golfer with our electric golg push carts that follow you, we're changing how you walk the golf course. Our smart carts make your golfing experience better, letting you focus on your game while your reliable cart follows close behind without any effort.

Overview of Electric Golf Push Carts That Follow You

Picture a round of golf where you don't have to push or pull your cart. Instead, it loyally follows you, step by step, throughout your game. This is what our push electric golf carts that follow you are all about. Built with high-tech sensors and smart technology, these carts are made to stay a certain distance from you, moving when you move and stopping when you stop. This hands-free style not only makes your game more fun but also helps you stay less tired, so you can save energy for those important shots.

Electric Golf Push Cart Product Types

At Big Horn Golfer, we have different electric golf push carts for all sorts of golfers. Our collection features three main kinds: remote-controlled carts, follow-me carts, and compact folding carts.

Remote-Controlled Carts

For golfers who like to be in full control, our remote-controlled carts are just right. These carts have a handheld remote that lets you drive your cart from far away. Whether you want to send your cart up to the next hole or call it back to you, the remote puts you in charge. The remote is simple and easy to use, with clear buttons for forward, reverse, left, and right. Or just buy an electric golf trolley from our selection.

Follow-Me Carts

Our follow-me golf carts are the best for hands-free ease. These carts have smart sensors that see how you move and follow you at a set distance. Whether you're walking down the fairway or around a tricky bunker, your cart will be right there with you. The follow technology responds quickly, so your cart stays the same distance away and doesn't get in your way.

Compact Folding Carts

For golfers who want a cart that's easy to carry and store, our compact folding carts are perfect. These carts are made to fold up small, so they're easy to put in your car trunk or keep in your garage. Even though they're compact, these carts still have all the features and toughness of our other push carts. They have the same follow-me technology and strong build as well.

If you have a manual cart that you want to convert into electric, we have an extensive range of push cart conversion kits.

How to Choose an Electric Golf Push Cart That Follows You

Picking the right electric golf push cart depends on what you need and like. Think about these situations to help you decide:

  • If you like to have total control and be able to steer your cart from a distance, a remote-controlled cart would be best for you.
  • If you want the ultimate hands-free experience and don't mind your cart following close behind, a walk behind me golf cart is the way to go.
  • If you don't have a lot of storage space or travel with your golf gear a lot, a compact folding cart gives you the best of both portability and performance.

In the end, all our carts are made to make your golfing experience more enjoyable and less tiring. Whether you're a pro or a weekend player, an electric golf push cart that follows you is a game-changer.

At Big Horn Golfer, we're dedicated to giving you the best electric golf push carts out there. We invite you to look through our collection and find the perfect cart for your needs. With our carts by your side, you'll be free to focus on what really matters: playing your best game and enjoying the beautiful course. Start your journey to easy golfing today with Big Horn Golfer.

FAQs About Electric Golf Push Carts That Follow You

How does the follow you feature work? 

At the heart of this feature are sophisticated sensors and advanced technology. These ensure that your cart always remains within a designated distance, mirroring your movements seamlessly.

How long does the battery last on a typical game? 

While designed for an average 18-hole game, variables such as terrain and usage can influence battery endurance. Typically, golfers can expect consistent performance throughout their game.

Can these carts handle hilly terrains? 

Definitely. Engineered with diverse terrains in mind, our carts rise to the challenge, ensuring reliable performance regardless of the landscape.






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Collection FAQs

Top questions about our Electric Golf Push Cart That Follows You collection

Can you switch the rear wheels from side to side so they wear more evenly?

You can remove the wheel and switch it to the opposite side. Please refer to the manual provided below:

X10 Follow - Owner's Manual
https://stewartgolf.com/media/X10 Follow - Owner's Manual - web.pdf

Is the follow mode as reliable as the reviews suggest?

Yes, it is. Our personal experience with the Axglo brand has been awesome & our customers love them. The price point is fantastic for all of the features.

Is the wall outlet plug a standard US 110v?

Yes, it is

What is the horsepower of the motors?

ForeCaddy is not rated in HP. They're rated by the size of the battery & how many holes you can use it without charging it. 36-54 holes. Depending on the terrain of the course.