Improve Your Game: Follow Golf Push Cart Explained

Chris Lang

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Improve Your Game: Follow Golf Push Cart Explained

Golfers are constantly searching for ways to improve their game and enhance their overall experience on the course. I've been playing for years and have seen it all. What if you could combine the health benefits of walking with the convenience of a golf cart? Enter the world of follow golf push carts—a game-changer for golfers of all skill levels. We will cover the ins and outs of these incredible innovations so you can decide if it's the right choice for you. It's more than just a follow golf push cart explained, it's about elevating your game.

What is a Follow Golf Push Cart?

A follow golf push cart is a technologically advanced version of a traditional push cart designed to effortlessly follow you around the course. Equipped with advanced sensors, these intelligent carts track your movements and maintain a consistent distance, mimicking the experience of having a personal caddy. Say goodbye to manually pushing or pulling your cart and hello to a smoother, more enjoyable round of golf with a single button.

Follow Golf Push Cart Explained: Key Features

Understanding the features is a key part of getting your follow golf push cart explained. Some notable ones include:

  • Gyroscopic Sensors: These sensors are the brains behind the operation, enabling the cart to maintain its balance on various terrains.
  • Tracking Systems: Utilizing Bluetooth technology, the cart establishes a seamless connection with a transmitter, typically worn on your belt or the cart's handle.
  • Anti-Collision Systems: The more advanced models are equipped with obstacle avoidance systems that utilize sensors to detect potential collisions.

Follow Golf Push Cart Vs. Traditional Push Carts:

Let's face it; traditional push carts have their drawbacks. They can be cumbersome, require significant effort to push, and sometimes feel like an added burden to your game. Follow golf push carts provide a stark contrast in terms of design and functionality:

  • Effortless Movement: With a follow golf push cart, say goodbye to the days of struggling with a heavy, manual cart. Your cart effortlessly glides behind you, navigating tight spaces with ease.
  • Enhanced Stability: Featuring a wider wheelbase and advanced stability systems, these carts remain balanced on uneven terrains, ensuring your clubs remain secure.

Advantages of Using a Follow Golf Push Cart

Embracing the technology of a follow golf push cart ushers in several benefits:

  • Reduce Fatigue and Enhance Endurance: By eliminating the exertion of pushing, golfers, particularly those with physical limitations or those looking to maximize their stamina throughout their rounds, can conserve their energy.
  • Improved Pace of Play: The convenience of a follow golf push cart speeds up your game, keeping the round moving smoothly for both you and your fellow golfers.

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Understanding the Technology Behind Follow Golf Push Cart

Ever wonder about the magic behind their movement? Taking a closer look at how the technology in a follow golf push cart is explained helps to demystify it:

Sensors and Tracking Mechanisms:

Follow golf push carts use a combination of sophisticated sensors, primarily gyroscopic sensors, and tracking systems to seamlessly follow your movements. Gyroscopic sensors, akin to those found in smartphones and navigation devices, measure the cart's rotation and angular velocity. This information helps maintain the cart's balance and ensures smooth navigation on varying terrains.

Bluetooth technology reigns supreme when it comes to tracking. A transmitter, typically worn by the golfer on their belt or attached to the cart handle, communicates with a receiver on the cart. This communication allows the cart to maintain a consistent distance and follow the golfer's movements closely. You just start walking, and the cart follows your walking pace.

Popular Follow Golf Push Cart Models

Interested in taking the plunge but unsure where to begin? Several popular models consistently receive praise in the golf community:

  • Stewart Golf X10 Remote: Known for its compact yet sturdy design, this cart comes with a handheld remote control, offering versatility for both following and remote-controlled maneuvering.
  • MGI Zip Series: Offering various models, MGI has garnered a strong reputation for performance and reliability in their electric golf carts. Many feature downhill speed control, electronic parking brakes, and advanced battery technology.

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Advantages of Using a Follow Golf Push Cart


Beyond the technical aspects, the practical advantages of using a follow golf push cart solidify their appeal:

Effortless Convenience

Think of your follow golf push cart as an extension of your golfing self. The convenience and user-friendly design are noticeable from the moment you tee off. With advanced sensor technology, the cart seamlessly trails behind you, maintaining a consistent distance as you navigate the course. The remote control allows you to easily manage the cart's speed and direction, and engage the automatic braking system for maximum control. You can focus fully on your game without any distractions or physical strain from pushing a manual cart.

Improved Pace of Play

Ready to bid farewell to the slow play that can plague the course? By keeping up with you step for step, a follow cart enables you to breeze through your round, minimizing any unnecessary delays. No more trudging back to your push cart after every shot. Your clubs are always right there when you need them. This improved efficiency can significantly speed up your pace of play, leading to a more enjoyable experience for you and your playing partners. Courses that utilize golf cart tracking data have seen tangible improvements in overall pace and player satisfaction.

Health Benefits: Walk Your Way to a Healthier Game

Doctors will agree, walking is fantastic exercise. It improves cardiovascular health, boosts endurance, and burns calories. Opting to walk the course rather than ride provides a myriad of health benefits. Walking 18 holes is equivalent to a 3.5 to 4 mile trek, a substantial distance that contributes to your daily exercise goals. A follow cart makes walking accessible to more golfers by alleviating the strain of carrying or pushing a heavy bag. The long-lasting lithium-ion batteries, with some models boasting a 300 lbs capacity, ensure you can walk the entire course with ease, without depleting the battery. Integrating this walking routine into your golf game is an effortless way to boost your activity level and overall fitness.

Choosing the Right Follow Golf Push Cart:

Given the rising popularity and the technology involved, how can a golfer possibly sift through all the information? The following guidelines are designed with "follow golf push cart explained" at the forefront:

Price and Budget

Follow golf push carts have a wide range of features and prices. Some brands offer financing options. By assessing your budget early, you can narrow your search to find which control trolley is right for you.

Features and Functionality:

As technology continues evolving at a rapid pace, so too do golf accessories. Make a list of features important to you to help narrow your focus and prioritize the ones that align with your individual needs and playing style. Do you prioritize stability on hilly terrain or remote control functionality? Consider these elements. Will you be playing on steep hills where you would need terrain control? Make sure to pick the model that has the right caddy features for your needs.

Durability and Reliability

Purchasing a follow golf push cart requires an investment. Durability is a key factor for their longevity. What is the turning radius? Does the lithium-ion battery have a good battery life? All important questions when thinking about the long term.

Maximizing Your Follow Golf Push Cart Experience

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and join the growing ranks of those who've experienced the magic of follow golf push carts—smart choice. Follow these tips to get the most from it:

Maintenance and Care: A Little Love Goes a Long Way

Like any piece of sophisticated equipment, proper care ensures its performance remains optimal.

  • Cleaning: Wipe down your cart after each round, removing any dirt, debris, or grass that might have accumulated.
  • Battery Care: If you've opted for an electric model, store the battery fully charged in a cool, dry place.
  • Storage: Store your cart in a cool, dry place when not in use. Make sure it is stored indoors and not in your yard.

Safety First Golfing:

While designed to enhance your experience, safety should always be a top concern. To stay safe, remember the following:

  • Engage the brake: Especially on hilly courses.
  • Be Mindful: Always be conscious of other golfers or obstacles in your path to prevent any accidental collisions. With all the advancements in follow models, some of these electric trolleys are equipped with active terrain control. While a great feature, you should always be mindful on the course and pay attention to what is around you.


The evolution of the follow golf push cart explained proves that we live in an age of incredible innovation. Gone are the days of viewing them as a luxury; these remarkable innovations offer tangible benefits. From increased convenience to enhanced game improvement and potential health perks. Is it the right choice for your golf journey? You're the one who ultimately decides, and we're confident this guide has provided you with the insights needed to navigate the world of follow golf push carts.

Q: What is the follow mode on Stewart Golf USA's golf cart?

A: The follow mode on Stewart Golf USA's golf cart allows the caddy to autonomously follow the golfer around the course, giving a hands-free experience.

Q: How does the electric push feature work on Stewart Golf USA's carts?

A: The electric push feature on Stewart Golf USA's carts helps effortlessly push or pull the golf clubs and equipment around the course, making it easier for the golfer.

Q: What is a caddie and how does it relate to Stewart Golf USA's products?

A: A caddie is a device that carries the golfer's clubs and equipment. Stewart Golf USA provides electric caddies that offer advanced features like follow mode and electric push.

Q: Can you explain the technology behind the follow feature of Stewart Golf USA's carts?

A: The follow feature uses sensors and a handheld device to enable the golf cart to autonomously follow the golfer, creating a seamless golfing experience.

Q: What sets Stewart Golf USA's electric golf carts apart from others in the market?

A: Stewart Golf USA is known for handbuilding the finest electric golf caddies with advanced features like follow mode, making it a popular choice among golfers.

Q: How does the follow function work on Stewart Golf USA's carts?

A: The follow function on Stewart Golf USA's carts is activated through a handheld device, allowing the caddy to follow the golfer as they move around the course.

Q: Are Stewart Golf USA's carts suitable for walking golf rounds?

A: Yes, Stewart Golf USA's carts are ideal for walking golf rounds as they provide the convenience of having the caddy autonomously follow the golfer, reducing the effort needed to carry the clubs.