Collection: 3 Wheel Golf Scooter

Big Horn Golfer proudly introduces a line of 3-Wheel Golf Scooter Carts, designed for the golfer who values agility, efficiency, and a touch of fun. These nimble carts combine the ease of a traditional golf cart with the excitement of a scooter, making them the perfect choice for navigating the course with ease and style.

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Master the Course with Unmatched Maneuverability

Just like an electric golf buggy, our 3-Wheel Golf Scooter Carts are the epitome of maneuverability on the golf course. Their tri-wheel design provides a stable yet flexible ride, allowing golfers to traverse all types of terrain with confidence.

Stability and Ease

  • Sturdy Base: The three-wheel structure offers a balanced and stable foundation, reducing the risk of tipping and providing a secure feel.
  • Enhanced Mobility: The compact and agile design allows for tight turns and easy handling, ensuring you can navigate around bunkers, water hazards, and trees with ease.

Compact Design for Every Golfer

  • Space-Saving: The slender profile of our 3-wheel scooters makes them ideal for storage in your garage or transporting to and from the course.
  • Accessibility: Their size and maneuverability allow for closer access to the play areas, reducing the need to walk long distances.

A Range Tailored to Your Style of Play

Choose from a variety of 3-Wheel Golf Scooter Carts, each built to suit different golfing styles and preferences. And you must know the variety that is out there so that the final purchase decision gets you a scooter that works just right for you. Here are some categories we offer:

The Speedster

Quick and Responsive: For those who like to keep the game moving at a brisk pace, this model offers rapid acceleration and high-speed capability.

The Endurance Pro

Extended Play: With a battery that lasts for up to 36 holes, this scooter won’t call it quits until you do, making it perfect for the dedicated golfer.

The Comfort Rider

Luxurious Ride: Featuring a comfortable seat and smooth riding experience, this scooter is perfect for those who want to enjoy a relaxed round.

Advantages of a 3-Wheel Golf Scooter Cart

Opting for a 3-Wheel Golf Scooter Cart from Big Horn Golfer brings a host of benefits that make every round of golf a pleasure. Here are just a few of them to give you a sneak peak into how good it gets: 

  • Efficient Pace of Play: With the ability to move quickly and directly to your ball, play is sped up, reducing the overall time spent on the course.
  • Personal Touch: Personalize your scooter with a selection of colors, accessories, and add-ons to make it truly your own.
  • Active Lifestyle: Engage in the game more actively than a traditional cart, providing a gentle workout as you enjoy your round of golf.

Also, whether you purchase a bicycle golf cart or a scooter cart, eco-friendliness is one thing that is common between the two. 

Care and Maintenance: Keep Your Scooter in Prime Condition

We cannot emphasis enough on maintenance especially if you regularly use these on the course. Even if you don’t, an idle sitting scooter also deserves some love and care. To ensure your 3-Wheel Golf Scooter Cart remains in top form, follow these simple care instructions:

  • Battery Maintenance: Regular charging and proper storage will keep your scooter’s battery healthy and extend its life.
  • Clean Mechanics: Keep the scooter clean from grass, dirt, and debris to maintain its appearance and functionality.
  • Regular Servicing: Just like any vehicle, periodic servicing is crucial to ensure longevity and reliability.

Choose Big Horn Golfer for Your Golfing Evolution

At Big Horn Golfer, we are at the forefront of golfing mobility, providing innovative solutions like our 3-Wheel Golf Scooter Carts that offer a blend of fun, functionality, and performance. Elevate your golfing experience with a scooter that promises to keep the game engaging from the first drive to the final putt. Welcome to the new era of golf mobility—experience it with Big Horn Golfer. You can also explore our buggy collection if you want to buy golf electric buggy.