Collection: 2 Wheel Golf Scooters

Want to experience the game in a whole new way and become the talk of your country club? With a 2 wheel golf scooter from Big Horn Golfer, you can! Shop the most sought-after brands in the industry like Fat Tire, 14 STX, and more.

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Experience the Game in a Whole New Way With a 2 Wheel Golf Scooter From Big Horn Golfer!

Are you sick of walking your rounds and having all that extra work affect your game? Or, do you want to experience golf in a whole new way that a typical golf cart could never offer? Either way, you’ve come to the right place. An electric golf scooter is going to transform the way you play golf for the better!

These are a whole lot more fun than riding in a traditional golf cart, allowing you to maneuver up and down the fairways in ways you never thought possible. And, these only have two wheels - meaning they have a much lower impact on the course. Trust us - the greenskeepers are going to thank you!

On top of all this, a scooter is just a faster, more efficient way to play golf. You’ll enjoy your time on the course more and be able to squeeze 18 holes in less time. But - to unlock all these benefits you need to get the best of the best. And right here on this page, that’s exactly what you’ll find. Our two wheel golf scooter collection features the top brands and models in the industry and unbeatable prices. Shop now - or keep reading to learn a bit more about why you should shop here with us!

Why Buy Your Two Wheel Golf Scooter at Big Horn Golfer?

Why should you buy your single rider golf scooter here at Big Horn Golfer? Well, we’re lifelong golfers ourselves - and as such, we know what you need to enjoy the great game as it was intended. That means we’ve worked hard to vet all the products we carry here on this particular page and our catalog as a whole. You’re able to achieve peace of mind shopping here knowing you’re getting the quality two wheel golf scooter you deserve.

These scooters have ranges that allow you to play multiple rounds between charges - so you don’t have to stress about your battery dying and leaving you stranded halfway through your round. With top speeds as high as 20mph, you’ll experience the wind against your face as you cruise the course in style. 

Other features you’ll find on these scooters include dual suspension, regenerative braking, a magnetic floorboard, full LED display, cup holders, turn signals & headlights, and a whole lot more. This is the future of golfing - and you can get ahead by getting yours today. It’s time to become the talk of your country club and make all your fellow members green with envy!

Become the Talk of Your Country Club - Get Your 2 Wheel Golf Scooter Today!

At this point, the only question is - which two wheel golf scooter is best for you? We have an option for every price range here on this page. You can’t go wrong with Fat Tire Golf Scooters. And if you decide to stick with walking for now, check out our electric golf push carts

If you’re looking for a personalized recommendation, don’t hesitate to reach out - we’re happy to assist you in getting the 2 wheel golf scooter you’ve been dreaming of!